What New Forza Is Doing About Forza 5's Disastrous Economy

Forza 5 launched with some nasty microtransactions, made more upsetting by the fact that people already spent $60 to buy it. Players were pissed, and creator Turn 10 spent months re-tuning the otherwise solid racer. What does this mean for open-world spin-off Forza Horizon 2? No microtransactions whatsoever. At first. » 9/11/14 8:00pm 9/11/14 8:00pm

Forza 5 Isn't All On The Disc [UPDATE]

While Microsoft has done away with its "daily check-in" requirement for the Xbox One, that's not the end of strange new digital firsts for the system. Witness Forza 5, which even when you buy it on disc, needs to download more of the game online the first time you fire it up. » 7/16/13 11:00pm 7/16/13 11:00pm

Forza 5 Trailer Has Those Next-Gen Sports Cars, Jesus Rays

Here's the problem with these next-gen consoles, and driving games in particular: as good as this Forza 5 trailer looks, just how much better does it look than Forza 4? » 6/09/13 9:00pm 6/09/13 9:00pm

This Forza Horizon Trailer Makes It Look Like A Beautiful Game To Try…

There are no adequate words in the English language to describe how bad I am at racing games. "Laughably untalented" comes close, but more often it's phrased as a question, like, "What, you crashed so much that your car is on fire again?" » 10/01/12 11:00am 10/01/12 11:00am

How to Unlock Halo's Warthog In Forza 4

Despite the fact you can't drive it in the game, Forza 4 includes a Warthog from the Halo series, viewable in the game's gorgeous Autovista mode. If getting access to this is the first thing you plan on doing, well, here's how you do it. » 10/12/11 11:00am 10/12/11 11:00am

There's a Little Pokémon and World of Warcraft In Forza 4

I love it when games are inspired by games that are nothing like them. Take sports games, and how they're up to their eyeballs in RPG mechanics like character creation and levelling. Or driving games. » 9/30/11 3:30am 9/30/11 3:30am

$30 Forza 4 Season Pass Adds Cars to to Your Xbox 360 through April

Look, you might be considering spending $60 on this fall's Forza Motorsport 4, if you're a racing fan and you've got an Xbox 360. » 9/22/11 10:40am 9/22/11 10:40am

Forza 4 Demo Overtaking You In Early October

Microsoft has announced that a demo for upcoming racer Forza 4 will be released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 3. The actual game is out just over a week later, on October 11 (Oct 14 for Europe). » 9/21/11 6:15am 9/21/11 6:15am

Forza 4's Magic Steering Wheel Doesn't Look Very Magic

Not content with throwing some Kinect support into Forza 4, Microsoft is also releasing a wireless, motion-controlled racing wheel for the game. It didn't sound too promising when it was first announced. And doesn't look too promising in action, either. » 9/16/11 6:00am 9/16/11 6:00am

Forza Motorsport 4 Shows Off Classic German Track

The people over at Turn 10 Studios give us another sneak peak into how and why Forza Motorsport 4's tracks are chosen and created. In this video, they show off the historic Hockenheim track in Germany. The location seems appropriate considering our continuing coverage of Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Check out the… » 8/16/11 12:25pm 8/16/11 12:25pm

Forza 4 Has 500 Cars, Lets You Touch Them (And Drive With Your Face)

We've known that Forza Motorsport 4, when it releases later this year, will support Kinect as a control method. A marketing survey now hints at what some of those features might be, such as head tracking to move the game's camera, and a casual mode that allows players to steer with their hands, similar to last year's… » 3/23/11 11:41pm 3/23/11 11:41pm

Forza Motorsport 4 Has Kinect Under The Hood

We've known that Microsoft's racing contender, Forza, would get controller-free Kinect support in some fashion since E3. Microsoft makes it doubly official today, naming Forza Motorsport 4 as the Kinect-powered "definitive racing game of 2011." » 12/13/10 4:40pm 12/13/10 4:40pm

Forza Motorsport 3 Review: Definitively Maybe

Turn 10 ups its driving game with Forza Motorsport 3, the self-proclaimed "definitive" racer of this generation, a sim that strives to let the more casual racing fan into the fold with a series of options that are noob-friendly. » 10/26/09 9:40pm 10/26/09 9:40pm

Forza Motorsport 3's Full 400 Strong Car List

Forza Motorsport 3's automotive stable may not feature the impressive overkill of the Gran Turismo series, but when the list approaches 400 unique cars from over 50 manufacturers, well, that's when we start to tune out. » 10/07/09 6:40pm 10/07/09 6:40pm

Forza Motorsport 3 Screens Zoom Into View

If there's one word that Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios thought best described Forza Motorsport 3 five separate times, it was "definitive." As in Forza 3 will be the definitive racing game of this generation. » 6/01/09 7:30pm 6/01/09 7:30pm

Forza 3 Teased, Expected To Arrive In 2009

Forza Motorsport 3 is definitely coming to the Xbox 360. That's a poorly kept secret, as confirmation of the game's existence was leaked last year with early details spewing forth from the infamous Intellisponse breach. » 4/30/09 4:40pm 4/30/09 4:40pm

We Can Imagine A World Where Turn 10 Develop PGR5

Speaking last week with Kikizo, Microsoft's Shane Kim has been asked about the future of the Project Gotham Racing series, now that creator Bizarre have up and left. His response should help out any 360 racing fans who are yet to put 2+2 together: » 5/22/08 4:30am 5/22/08 4:30am

Think by this stage we've all stopped imagining it, and are just…