This Forza Horizon Trailer Makes It Look Like A Beautiful Game To Try To Avoid Crashing In

There are no adequate words in the English language to describe how bad I am at racing games. "Laughably untalented" comes close, but more often it's phrased as a question, like, "What, you crashed so much that your car is on fire again?"


Forza Horizon, therefore, is probably not for me. Because those cars are lovely, and detailed, and I would feel very bad for lighting them all on fire. But for those who can successfully drive a swanky sports car with a game controller, these cars are no doubt more exciting.

The demo comes out next week, but until then our own Tina Amini's hands on preview can tell you all about the open world of Forza Horizon's take on Colorado.


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I can't help but feel the game is being limited by the current xbox hardware. I wish this was available for PC so I could max all the graphics!