​This Is What It Means To Go Insane Playing A Video Game

Over the weekend I had two gaming goals. Finish Dark Souls II and finish Trials Fusion. Lofty goals. Unbeknownst to me, as I was just about to finish the final obstacle on the final track of Trials Fusion, Kotaku Tech Man Ben White began filming me on his mobile phone. This is an insight into many things: my mental… »5/12/14 3:00pm5/12/14 3:00pm

Why The Hell Do We Keep Playing Difficult Video Games?

I understand why you hate these video games. I really do. I understand why you shake your head as I play them. The truth is I don't always understand the impulse myself. Why do I want to hurt myself. Why do I choose to put myself through this physical pain and stress. What is the benefit? What is the evolutionary… »5/06/14 12:47am5/06/14 12:47am