Swedish Plant Destruction Blamed On... Grand Theft Auto (Apparently!)

From killing sprees to the decay of society, Grand Theft Auto »8/07/08 6:00am8/07/08 6:00am has been blamed for a lot of things. Add destroying plants. Swedish park supervisor Gert Axelsson is tired of the plants being destroyed in the park he oversees in Lulea, northern Sweden. "I am very much considering getting surveillance," says Axelsson. And…

Ubisoft: Sony Need To Go Back To Drawing Board With PSP

Yeah, the PSP is doing well in Japan, and doing better than it was in the West, but it's no DS. And if there's one company that knows how to make a fast buck on the back of Nintendo hardware, it's Ubisoft! So it should surprise none of you to hear that Ubisoft are all up on Sony's back, telling them what's wrong with… »6/05/08 9:20am6/05/08 9:20am

Rich Nerds Want To Build A Utopian City In The Ocean And...Wait A Minute...

We all know what happened to Rapture. Nutty smart folks thought they could build a utopian world under the ocean, they couldn't, whole thing went to the dogs, everybody died. We all learned a lesson. A lesson lost on three super-rich SIlicon Valley types (including the founder of PayPal), who have founded the the… »5/20/08 11:40pm5/20/08 11:40pm

Judge Says Jack Thompson Guilty Of Misconduct During GTA, Bully Trials

According to a report from GamePolitics, the judge who presided over Miami lawyer Jack Thompson's Bar trial has recommended to the Florida Supreme Court that he be found guilty on 27 of 31 charges of professional misconduct. Of the 27 recommendations of guilt, twenty-one are from a suit related to Grand Theft Auto and… »5/20/08 8:20pm5/20/08 8:20pm

GTA IV Causes "Reprehensible" Behavior (Also, Has Rape!)

Glenn Beck, star of the previously posted "Stupidest Anti-GTA Vid You'll See Today", recently had Focus on the Family founder Dr. James Dobson on his CNN show to bemoan the disintegration of the institution of the family. The family, Dobson and Beck agree, is under attack from every direction, from politicians, from… »5/14/08 7:40pm5/14/08 7:40pm