Ubisoft: Sony Need To Go Back To Drawing Board With PSP

Yeah, the PSP is doing well in Japan, and doing better than it was in the West, but it's no DS. And if there's one company that knows how to make a fast buck on the back of Nintendo hardware, it's Ubisoft! So it should surprise none of you to hear that Ubisoft are all up on Sony's back, telling them what's wrong with their handheld and what they need to do to make things better (ie more like the DS). Ubisoft UK managing director Rob Cooper:

I think that Sony is disappointed with sales and it's unsure as to which way to take it.

Sony needs to show us a bit more about what its plans are to convince the publisher to invest lots more money into it. Especially when you've got the DS selling at such a tremendous pace.

I suppose it's almost too technical for the casual person, those that are buying the DS at the moment, who want a few buttons and not a lot more. It's so simple what [Nintendo] has done. That's where I think Sony has gone a little bit too complicated, they've over-specced it, the price is too high and they need to go back to the drawing board and start again.


Uh, whuh? Rob, meet Japan. Japan, Rob. Don't think you've met. Japan, what he means is, making real games is hard, so why isn't the PSP more like the DS, where they can just dump any old shit on it and make some money?

Ubisoft urges Sony to act on 'directionless' PSP [GI.biz]

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