Art From the Command & Conquer Game That Never Was

Totilo's story yesterday on what might be a Command & Conquer action game got me thinking about Tiberium, the promising yet ultimately ill-fated shooter EA once had planned for the strategy universe. » 11/23/11 6:00am 11/23/11 6:00am

Insiders Spill The Beans On EA's Tiberium Clusterfuck

Tiberium has been cancelled » 10/02/08 5:30am 10/02/08 5:30am. Can't say we're , since there's more than enough gritty sci-fi shooters on the market as it is, but whatever. Somebody, somewhere, will be upset. Looks like the write-off's not a total loss, however; in the comments section of Gamasutra's piece on the closure, some "insiders" have , ripping…