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It might not have intended to, but EA's UK public relations team might have just jumped the gun on officially announcing Command & Conquer 4. Funny thing is, that announcement is now nowhere to be seen.

Earlier today, the European PR folks posted on Twitter that "EA LOS ANGELES ANNOUNCES DEVELOPMENT OF COMMAND & CONQUER 4," linking to an official press release on the matter. One that doesn't yet exist online. Joystiq managed to catch it (and nab a screen shot), probably furthering to ruin some poor PR person's day.


EA's made no secret that a Command & Conquer 4 is in the works, so an announcement—an official announcement that we can officially read on the internet—won't surprise us.

We're sure it's a valuable lesson learned. Don't post it on the internet if you don't want it on the internet, I always say.

EA accidentally announces Command & Conquer 4 [Joystiq]

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