Battle Royale Won't Be Getting an American TV Show Anytime Soon

Battle Royale »1/14/13 5:30am1/14/13 5:30am, the manga and the film, follows a high school class put in a deadly game of kill or be killed. Due to its violent subject matter, no American distributor would initially touch the 2000 film, especially with the school shootings happening at the time. But in the wake of , there's been in interest in .…

Are The Hunger Games Appropriate for a Full Video Game Adaptation? Will There Even Be One?

Forgive me, I had not heard of The Hunger Games before I posted an item about Canabalt's creator and mentioned he was making an iPhone game coinciding with the film's release. That was a week ago. Since then, I could not avoid the topic if I tried, and not just because of its understandable appeal to video gamers. »3/25/12 3:00pm3/25/12 3:00pm