This Adapter Lets You Use Modern Wireless Controllers With Your Classic Apple II Computer

To date, Analogue has released adapters allowing nostalgic gamers to use modern wireless controllers on both their classic NES and Super Nintendo consoles. But the company, working with 8Bitdo, is turning the clock back even further with a new wireless adapter for the 40-year-old Apple II and IIc computers.


Self-Driving Cars Will Use GTA V To Learn How To Drive, Run For The Hills

You probably know Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the kind of video game that encourages adherence to posted speed limits. Actually I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to play without committing multiple virtual felonies in the time it takes to load the title screen. So why is it being used as a training platform for autonomous…

The Super Nintendo Retro Receiver Is a Painless Wireless Upgrade For Your Classic Console

If you’ve still got your childhood Super Nintendo hooked up and on active duty you’ve probably discovered that while the console is going strong, its original controllers have long since died. But since it’s 2016 and we’ve made so much progress on cutting cords, isn’t it about time for your SNES to go wireless too?