Retina iPad Mini Review: A Sight for Sore Eyes

Last year's iPad mini was very nearly perfect in every way, except the one you needed it to be. Its display was porridge next to the bright retina cornucopia of its bigger iPad brother and its tiny tablet competitors. This year? We feast. » 11/15/13 2:33pm 11/15/13 2:33pm

The New iPad Mini: Everything You Need to Know

There's a brand new iPad mini and it finally has a screen worth staring at. It's a (surprise!) retina display that'll make everything on the 7.9-inch screen look astonishingly clear. Along with the new fantastic screen, Apple's also equipping it with a speedier chip inside the same light and thin body of the original.… » 10/22/13 2:21pm 10/22/13 2:21pm

iPad Air: Everything You Need to Know About Apple's Svelte New Tablet

Apple just announced iPad Air, the fifth in its line of (nearly) 10-inch tablets. Last year, Apple's big-boy got a perfunctory upgrade, but this year the iPad's getting a new super skinny design—and a new name—with batch of significant improvements that'll carry it through the next year. Here's what you need to know. » 10/22/13 2:17pm 10/22/13 2:17pm

Spicy Horse's New Collectible Card-Time Strategy Looks Mighty Familiar

Coming this fall to PC, Mac, Linux and tablets everywhere, Spicy Horse's (thankfully) tentatively-titled Hell Invaders brings collectible card games to life in full 3D real-time strategy battles. It's sort of like EA's BattleForge, only — okay, it's pretty much BattleForge. » 4/26/13 10:20am 4/26/13 10:20am

Mad Catz Plans to Create Mobile Gaming Controllers. And Mice. And…

Power A has the MOGA. Nyko has its PlayPad. Steel Series has gone Free. Everybody's trying to get into the mobile gaming controller market, looking to deliver a game pad solution that all game developers can embrace. Mad Catz isn't just building a mobile game pad. They're creating a universal Bluetooth technology… » 1/03/13 4:55pm 1/03/13 4:55pm

The Wikipad's Controller Will Change Your Mind About Tablet Gaming

Look, folks, tablet makers are going to keep trying to seduce you. Armed with numbers that you don't necessarily care about—like these stats about the rise in mobile gaming--they're going to dangle assorted games, controllers and accessories that try to convince you that playing on a phone or tablet can be as… » 9/27/12 9:00am 9/27/12 9:00am

L.A. Noire’s Tablet Version Commits Some Unforgivable Crimes

Think about it: L.A. Noire should work on a tablet. Rockstar's 2011 crime drama essentially updates the old-school adventure game formula that has players going places and clicking on items. A natural for conversion to a tablet, right? Well, yes… and no. » 4/02/12 2:30pm 4/02/12 2:30pm

Here’s Why You Need to Stop Dismissing OnLive’s Tablet Gaming

For much of the past week, I've been test driving OnLive's new app and controller pairing. The tech on display impressed me with the response time and the simple fact that, all of a sudden, the gaming options on an iPad are approaching parity with what you can get on a PC. » 12/09/11 5:00pm 12/09/11 5:00pm

Meet The Other Games That OnLive’s Making Playable With Their New…

My preview yesterday about OnLive's new tablet app focused on the controller, because it's the crucial piece for playing a certain kind of game. But the cloud gaming company's making a slew of titles playable by touch input as well. There will be three kinds of input that OnLive will be implementing on tablets: native … » 12/08/11 11:40am 12/08/11 11:40am

Marvel Introducing Free Download Codes for Digital Copies For the

DC Comics has been garnering lots of media buzz, heightened awareness and increased sales on the heels of its recent New 52 reboot. Along with new re-imaginings of Superman and Wonder Woman, the publisher began making digital copies of its entire line available on the same day as the print versions. Moreover, every… » 11/10/11 1:40pm 11/10/11 1:40pm

Ubi Trying to Make Things Drawsome with new Wii Tablet Peripheral

Maybe no company's speaking to as many different strata of gamers as Ubisoft right now. You want hardcore action games? They'll serve up the Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six and/or Prince of Persia series. You want a goofy party game? Choose from the Just Dance, Michael Jackson and Black-Eyed Peas franchises. Think that… » 11/08/11 5:00pm 11/08/11 5:00pm

Touch of Doom: Tablets Mean Trouble for Consoles and Gaming Portables

With new handheld devices from Sony and Nintendo either out or on the horizon, it's understandable (if a little puzzling) that execs from both companies insist that tablets won't affect the prospects of the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita. People still want gadgets that are primarily about games, the suits say. » 10/06/11 6:20pm 10/06/11 6:20pm

Friskies Has Created Three New iPad Video Games for Your Cat

Cat food purveyor Friskies has released a trio of iPad/Android tablet games for our feline friends to enjoy. Tasty Treasures, Party Mix-Up and Cat Fishing, aren't the first iPad games released for cats, but they may be the first games on any platform used to advertise to animals. » 5/19/11 7:30pm 5/19/11 7:30pm