Meet The Other Games That OnLive’s Making Playable With Their New Tablet App

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My preview yesterday about OnLive's new tablet app focused on the controller, because it's the crucial piece for playing a certain kind of game. But the cloud gaming company's making a slew of titles playable by touch input as well. There will be three kinds of input that OnLive will be implementing on tablets: native touch, a virtual control pad and Universal OnLive controller. The conversion work's mostly being done by OnLive. The exception is with marquee title L.A Noire, which is being handled by Rockstar Games and hasn't yet showed up in the OnLive Marketplace. Here's the list of other titles that will be optimized for multiple control methods with OnLive's new tablet app:

Defense Grid
Kingdom for Keflings
Dirt 3
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Warhammer 40K: Chaos Rising
Lego Batman
Lego HP 1-4
Lego HP 5-7
The Maw
Virtua Tennis 2009
Mini Ninjas
ARES Exctinction Operation
Space Chem
Steel Storm
Royal Envoy
4 Elements
The Ball
Fishdom 2
Fishdom H20
Puzzle Chronicles 2
Puzzle Quest
Split Second
Future Wars
Cake Mania 3: Lights Camera Action!
Around the world in 80 days
Ancient Spirits


OnLive's promising that this list will grow in the coming weeks, meaning that your favorite AAA or indie title may be available on an iPad soon.



So if I play on my comp, I can continue playing on my ipad?

The only thing I'm confused about is that it requires internet correct? So can I just do this over wifi? or do I need to be hooked up to an input