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iPad 2 "Built For Gaming"

John Gruber of Daring Fireball, reviewing the iPad 2, had a developer friend write a quick testing suite for the tablet's upgraded graphics:

For example, on my original iPad, with 200 on-screen sprites, the framerate dropped to 45 fps. On the iPad 2, with 400 on-screen sprites, the framerate remained at 65 fps. On the iPad 1, Guy's demo app dropped below 60 fps with about 100 animated sprites; on the iPad 2, it didn't drop below 60 fps until there were over 750 animated sprites.

After I showed him the results, Guy told me, "The results show that the iPad 2 is easily about twice as powerful as the original and that this speed gain is a freebie - you don't need to change your code structure in order to see significant gains.


[Daring Fireball]

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I would be more interested in iPad/iPhone/Android/etc gaming if there were more core-focused genres (RPG, action, whatever) that didn't try to shoe-horn console-style controls onto the device. Touch screens can be used for a lot of things, but virtual thumbsticks are tolerable at best.

It's just such a shame that there are so many games that just feel like developers shoe-horning pre-existing game types without any sort of concession to the fact that they're on a touch-only platform.

My dream game for an iPad? A D&D-based RPG, driven entirely through the touch screen. Heck - why hasn't Hasbro put out a Dungeons & Dragons app that lets you run a campaign through your iPad?

There are plenty of new and original games on these devices - Angry Birds being the most popular one - so now that we know games can work, why aren't the old guard developers trying to do anything more interesting than trying to recreate non-mobile games in a mobile environment?