When I See the Blitz Coming, I Audible to a Dragon Shout

Review copies of Madden NFL 13 »8/15/12 10:30pm8/15/12 10:30pm arrived today. EA Sports usually sends out funny premiums with its review guides, like it did with a yardage book for . This year, they included a quarterback wristband—the kind you see Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers flipping up and staring at during a two-minute drill—to highlight the…

The Life-Size Portal 2 Inflatable Sentry Turret is Now Available for All Your Home Security Needs

Damn society, always trying to put the safety of the many above the enjoyment of a few. That's why we can't have real Portal 2 »3/21/12 2:20pm3/21/12 2:20pm turrets scattered about our homes, monitoring and usually protecting our valuables and loved ones. Thanks the amazing things retailer ThinkGeek we can now at least own an inflatable facsimile.