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This is Not a My Little Pony T-Shirt, It's a Final Fantasy T-Shirt

Illustration for article titled This is Not a emMy Little Pony/em T-Shirt, Its a emFinal Fantasy/em T-Shirt

Look, I know there's a very vocal segment of our readership that doesn't appreciate the warmth and humor of My Little Pony. What if we changed them to something else? Something a bit more... Final Fantastic?


What, those obviously aren't ponies. That was the problem, right? Cute animals outside of the context of a video game are insidious and possibly evil! Well these are cute animals from a video game. Not only a video game, but one of the most beloved role-playing game franchises of all time.

That's why I picked up a pair of $11 shirts featuring the colorful work of artist Kari Fry, self-professed video game lover. It certainly had nothing to do with the My Little Pony collection my wife-creature and I do not have, or the fact that the artist included not only the Mane 6, but fan-favorite Derpy as well.


See? That's not Spike the Dragon, whose breath magically transports correspondence between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. I do not even know who those people are. That's a Moogle, from Final Fantasy, possibly one of those mail Moogles.

This is definitely not a My Little Pony shirts. It's a Final Fantasy shirt, and it's only on sale through the end of the day. Who could possibly pass this up? No pony could.

My Little Chocobo T-Shirts [TheYetee]

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Why can't people obsess over an animated show with actual talent and merit behind it? With an incredibly deep story and hardship and wonder? I do not understand this fascination over a show animated in Flash, aimed at children and made by a toy company to sell product. It has such incredibly low production does no one else see these things? "oh gosh it's so well animated!" Yeah, because it's at least half tween frames made by the program. That's why everything is squishy and boneless.