This is Not a My Little Pony T-Shirt, It's a Final Fantasy T-Shirt

Look, I know there's a very vocal segment of our readership that doesn't appreciate the warmth and humor of My Little Pony. What if we changed them to something else? Something a bit more... Final Fantastic?

What, those obviously aren't ponies. That was the problem, right? Cute animals outside of the context of a video game are insidious and possibly evil! Well these are cute animals from a video game. Not only a video game, but one of the most beloved role-playing game franchises of all time.


That's why I picked up a pair of $11 shirts featuring the colorful work of artist Kari Fry, self-professed video game lover. It certainly had nothing to do with the My Little Pony collection my wife-creature and I do not have, or the fact that the artist included not only the Mane 6, but fan-favorite Derpy as well.

See? That's not Spike the Dragon, whose breath magically transports correspondence between Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia. I do not even know who those people are. That's a Moogle, from Final Fantasy, possibly one of those mail Moogles.

This is definitely not a My Little Pony shirts. It's a Final Fantasy shirt, and it's only on sale through the end of the day. Who could possibly pass this up? No pony could.

My Little Chocobo T-Shirts [TheYetee]

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