DLC for Street Fighter X Tekken's Steam Release Delayed to This Coming Week

The first release of downloadable content for Street Fighter X Tekken's PC version has been delayed—on Steam. If you use Games For Windows Live, you could get it on Friday, says Capcom. What's the holdup? "An unforeseen error with the Valve submission process," according to the Capcom-Unity blog. The pack should… »7/22/12 10:30am7/22/12 10:30am

Street Fighter x Tekken Vita Version Features New Characters, Cross-Console Play with PS3

We've got new trailers for the PS Vita edition of Street Fighter x Tekken. Capcom promises 55 characters in the Vita version: the 43 available in the console game as well as six more from each side. Blanka, Cody, Dudly, Elena, Guy, and Sakura round out the Street Fighter crew, and Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars,… »4/10/12 11:15am4/10/12 11:15am

Street Fighter x Tekken Developer Jokes Tekken x Street Fighter Might Not Be Out Until 2018

So, Street Fighter x Tekken came out and met with widespread acclaim. Good for Capcom. Now it's Namco Bandai's turn to produce a fighting game crossover that follows up on an idea that once looked impossible. When might the Tekken company's answer be coming out? The guy who made SFxT has no idea. »4/09/12 1:30pm4/09/12 1:30pm