The Sims Players Confess Their Most Evil Deeds

The Sims might look like a pleasant game where you just pretend to play house, but don’t let that fool you. Things can be very dark depending on how you play it. » 3/31/15 4:30pm Tuesday 4:30pm

Why I Am Not Going to E3 2011

Last weekend I spent nearly $100 on new clothing for E3 2011. Now my flight is cancelled, I'm not going, and the only question I have is how are two unborn babies going to come up with the cash to pay me back? » 6/03/11 4:40pm 6/03/11 4:40pm

Sit Back and Listen to a Tale of The Witcher

In a dreary encampment outside the small town of Flotsam the inhabitants gather nightly to listen to legendary tales of heroism. You don't need to visit, but if you're passing through you'd do well to stop and sit awhile. » 5/24/11 1:20pm 5/24/11 1:20pm

What's The Hardest You've Worked To Obtain A Video Game?

In today's hard-working edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter Kadin regales us with his epic quest to purchase an imported copy of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and challenges you to top his tale. » 4/06/11 11:20am 4/06/11 11:20am

Two Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Stories

With all the character reveals, beta testing, and viral websites, one could almost forget that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood has a strong single-player story mode. Here's a trailer to help us remember, and another story to go with it. » 10/18/10 1:00pm 10/18/10 1:00pm

Jane Jensen's Christmas Story "Twas The Night Before"

Gabriel Knight creator Jane Jensen has written a short story for Christmas, introducing the character of young street performer Samantha Everett from her upcoming adventure game Gray Matter. » 12/18/08 11:00pm 12/18/08 11:00pm

The Final Mirror's Edge Story Trailer

Here's the latest and final in a series of story trailers for EA's free-running dangerous delivery service simulation, Mirror's Edge, and I almost hate to see them go. I actually enjoy the animation and art direction in these » 11/04/08 1:40pm 11/04/08 1:40pm more than I like what I've seen of the actual game in motion. I'm sure once I have the game…