Woman Buys Old Nintendo Game For $7.99. Turns Out It's Worth $15,000.

It's the archetypal jackpot story of flea markets, pawn shops and antiques roadshows. Someone pays a few dollars for a long-forgotten box at a swap meet and then discovers they have a five-figure rarity on their hands. That describes a North Carolina woman today, who purchased one of the rarest video games ever sold… »4/16/13 4:07pm4/16/13 4:07pm

Rare Game Pulling Five-Figure Bids, with Some Proceeds Going to Japan Relief

It's well settled that Stadium Events is, if not the rarest video game on the collectible market, is certainly the rarest of any retail release. A year after a sealed copy of the NES game set a record for the most ever paid for a single game, another verified, factory-sealed copy is seeking to dethrone it. »3/17/11 11:30pm3/17/11 11:30pm