First Dirty Bomb Gameplay Trailer Shows a Loud, Messy Urban Battlefield

Following up on last month's trailer, here's a look at some pre-alpha multiplayer gameplay from Dirty Bomb. The trailer takes us to a smoldering, half-destroyed version of London, presumably one of the levels of Brink developer Splash Damage's new free-to-play title. We get to see mostly scenes of infantry action,… » 12/14/12 8:50am 12/14/12 8:50am

See How An Ordinary Nerf Gun Transforms into This Brink Assault Rifle

The game may've met with a lukewarm reception when it hit last year, but the one thing that Splash Damage's Brink had going for it was an amazing art style. Laurens Corijn, an artist at the British dev studio, brought that look into the real world by modding a standard Nerf Stampede into an amazing replica of the… » 1/06/12 10:00am 1/06/12 10:00am

Brink Takes a Swipe at Console Gamers while Deleting PC Gamers'…

Oh those silly console gamers. They couldn't possibly handle the advanced PC gaming concepts like objective-based teamplay. Why, if there was a bug in the game that say, deleted their characters completely if they exited the game too early, console gamers would be beside themselves. Wait, there is? » 5/11/11 4:20pm 5/11/11 4:20pm