​Decent-Looking Game. Terrible Narrator.

Bound by Flame is a new PlayStation exclusive action/RPG hitting multiple platforms later this year. Without any kind of sense as to how it plays, it looks pretty middle-of-the-road for a game coming out in 2014. But that voiceover—sounding enthralled, huckster-ish and befuddled—will take you back straight to the… » 2/13/14 1:22pm 2/13/14 1:22pm

We've seen a lot of the gameplay mechanics behind Mars: War Logs, Spiders' third-person sci-fi RPG. This time, Spiders CEO Jehanne Rousseau tells us about the game's story and universe, and describes the ways our choices will shape the way the story unfolds. Mars: War Logs is coming "very soon" to PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. » 4/17/13 7:20am 4/17/13 7:20am