Review: Sonic Colors Does Not Suck, It Merely Succeeds

What if Sonic the Hedgehog was not just a speedy mascot with a long list of furry sidekicks, but more like Mario, a loner with occasional superpowers that could let Sega's mascot fly, drill through solid ground or become a laser? » 11/24/10 1:00am 11/24/10 1:00am

Sonic Colors Gets A Chilly Reception In New York City

Sega celebrates the impending release of Sonic Colors in New York City tomorrow evening with an ice skating party in Bryant Park. Need a reason to care? How about free hedgehog hats? » 11/03/10 4:20pm 11/03/10 4:20pm

Sonic's Design Has Been Changed For Nintendo Fans

This is sure to bring out either chuckles or frowns from anyone old enough to remember the console wars of the 1990s: the design of Sonic's recent titles has been altered to appeal to Nintendo fans. » 10/12/10 6:30am 10/12/10 6:30am

Sega Doesn't Want Sub-par Sonic Games On Shelves Anymore

With Sonic Colors coming later this year and actually looking pretty damn good, Sega's top men say they want to get Sonic the Hedgehog's recent misfires off store shelves, part of an effort to "increase the value of the brand." » 10/07/10 4:40pm 10/07/10 4:40pm

Even Sonic Colors Multiplayer Might Not Suck

We are getting awfully close to the release of Sonic Colors. When will the other shoe drop? When will we discover this is another secretly-displeasing Sonic game? Not today. Not when I saw the game's multiplayer mode. » 10/05/10 5:40pm 10/05/10 5:40pm

Euro Sonic Colours Special Edition Is Filled With Toys

Not only do Europeans get an additional "U" in their version of Sonic Colors, they also get the option to pay more for a box filled with toys. » 9/27/10 3:20pm 9/27/10 3:20pm

Sonic The Hedgehog Producer On Sonic Colors vs. 'The Sonic Cycle'

Longtime fans of Sonic the Hedgehog may be familiar with the phenomenon known as "The Sonic Cycle," seemingly a constant in the development of new games starring the blue blur. It's something the producer of Sonic Colors is confident his newest game will avoid. » 9/17/10 6:00am 9/17/10 6:00am

Wait, This Time The New Sonic Game Does Look Good

And I thought it was weird that I played Duke Nukem Forever on Friday at PAX 2010. Did I also play a new Sonic game that was good? Was it all a dream? » 9/04/10 3:00am 9/04/10 3:00am

Sonic Colors Gameplay Excites, But That Theme Song Has To Go

Sega is giving Sonic Colors all sorts of love today, confirming a November release date, showing off the game's box art, and releasing this action-packed trailer featuring exciting gameplay and the worst Sonic theme song since "Seven Rings in Hand."
» 8/06/10 12:20pm 8/06/10 12:20pm

What Do Sonic, Chris Redfield, And Assassin's Creed's Ezio Have In…

What could possibly link Sega's speedy blue hedgehog with a founding member of the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance and a Renaissance-era Italian assassin? Meet Sonic the Hedgehog's new voice actor, Roger Craig Smith. » 7/15/10 3:20pm 7/15/10 3:20pm

Sonic Colors Sends A Hedgehog Into (Mario's) Space

The creators of Sonic the Hedgehog are borrowing a more current page from Nintendo's Mario, giving the speedy blue mascot a galactic adventure and some super powered suits of his own to wear in Sonic Colors. » 6/18/10 9:00pm 6/18/10 9:00pm

Sonic Team On Sonic Colors

Yesterday Sega revealed a new Sonic the Hedgehog game, Sonic Colors, but didn't mention who'd be handling development duties. According to an update from ArchangelUK at the Sega City Blognik, the development team formerly known as Sega AM8, Sonic Team, will be handling development on the Wii version, with longtime… » 5/27/10 11:20am 5/27/10 11:20am

Sonic Colors Streaks To The Wii And DS

With fans eagerly awaiting the retro Sonic 4, Sega pulls back the curtain on Sonic Colors, a brand new adventure for the Nintendo Wii and DS, heading our way by the end of 2010. Check out the reveal trailer! » 5/26/10 11:20am 5/26/10 11:20am