Wait, This Time The New Sonic Game Does Look Good

And I thought it was weird that I played Duke Nukem Forever on Friday at PAX 2010. Did I also play a new Sonic game that was good? Was it all a dream?


A Kotaku reader I ran into on Friday named Mark played Sonic Colors and said he still can't stand seeing Sonic in a 3D perspective. He doesn't want Sonic to run into his TV screen; he wants side-scrolling Sonic. Reader Mark wasn't excited by Sonic Colors, the next big console Sonic game. But I played two new Sonic Colors levels being shown here at PAX in Seattle and thought it was pretty good; good enough that I asked a Sega representative to play it so I could film it and show it to all of you.

See Sonic Colors and judge for yourself. The game comes out for the Wii in November.



The funny thing is we've had a few Sonic games that have been good already. Unleashed and Black Knight, to name two, and the Rush ones weren't terrible either.

But since it's so "cool" to hate on Sonic nowadays, you guys probably missed those.