Sources: When You Work At Konami, Big Brother Is Always Watching

Konami, the company behind Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill, does not appear to be a fun place to work. That’s according to reports in the Japanese press and new information shared with Kotaku by people close to the company. They describe a game development environment where Big Brother is always watching… »8/14/15 11:30am8/14/15 11:30am

Interview: The Freaking Weird Mind of Sam Barlow, Creator of Her Story

Sam Barlow has enjoyed an interesting career reviving video game trends and franchises, where Serious Sam, the psychological thriller, and Silent Hill are among his personal handiwork. To that point, unorthodox clings to his resume: His first major game was a single-turn text adventure in 1999, and here in the year… »8/11/15 10:40am8/11/15 10:40am

Reminder: You Have One Day to Get PT Before It Disappears Forever

The Silent Hills game that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro were working on won’t be happening. And, come tomorrow, Konami’s pulling PT—the super-scary demo used to hype the game—from the Playstation Store. So, if you want to experience the only playable slice of Silent Hills ever released, you better grab it soon. »4/28/15 1:00pm4/28/15 1:00pm

Fan-Made Silent Hill Game Is Nearly As Creepy As The Original

In case you forgot, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima and horror movie maestro Guillermo del Toro are making a new Silent Hill together. If you're not excited/weeping in terror at the prospect, you might actually be one Silent Hill's soulless denizens. Sadly, it's still a long way off. Thank goodness for fan games. »1/19/15 3:30pm1/19/15 3:30pm

7 Thoughts on the Strangeness of Silent Hill

The best Silent Hill games have always been about psychological terror, the emotions that haunt and wrack the protagonists with guilt and regret. Yes, thrills abound and there are horrific monsters, but it's the mental anguish that overwhelms players and keeps us going back to the city in a murky haze that is nebulous… »8/13/14 11:30am8/13/14 11:30am