There is Now an Official Temple Run Store. It Sells All the Temple Run

CafePress and Imangi Studios take an endless run at fan's wallets with the launch of the official Temple Run merchandise store, packed with shirts, bags and other apparel that will identify you to others prone to rubbing their mobile device for long periods of time and then shouting "Dammit!" » 10/16/12 1:55pm 10/16/12 1:55pm

Kotaku Shop Contest: Art Restoration—The Winners

All of the art world is abuzz over Caveman Jesus, the kindhearted but totally incompetent "restoration" of a fresco in a Spanish church. Well, if the highway to Hell is paved with good intentions, we're the road striping crew. So come in and check out Mona Croft, Grand Theft Nighthawks, Hitman Gothic and overall… » 9/08/12 5:00pm 9/08/12 5:00pm