Jinx Launches The Official Minecraft Merch Store With Digable T-Shirts

Illustration for article titled Jinx Launches The Official emMinecraft/em Merch Store With Digable T-Shirts

Need a way to identify yourself as a hardcore Minecraft player when you're out and about? LIAR! Hardcore Minecraft players never leave the house. For those lesser players that do, Jinx has some lovely official Minecraft tees to help hide your chest.


Jinx continues to rack up the big-name title licenses at its for-gamers clothing shoppe with the addition of one of the biggest games of the past couple of years. Not only are they creating the official clothing for Minecraft, they're also hosting the official Minecraft online store, sanctified by Carl Manneh of Mojang himself.

"When the J!NX guys presented the t-shirt 'I Porkchop Minecraft', we knew we had found the right merch partner. We're excited to launch the first products in the official Minecraft merch store and can't wait to show you what we have in store for the future."


Festooned with imagery that will label you as someone who has at least seen Minecraft on a video game website, these six sexy styles are now available for purchase over at the Jinx Minecraft Collection page.

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Diamond Sea

Am I the only one who expected something more... I dunno, tasteful? Subtle? I would have been all over a t-shirt with just the grass block logo, but it looks like they went the Snorg way and made them all look kind of douchey. The "Creeper Inside" shirt is alright, but I expected more from official Minecraft merch.