Bowser Gets His Own Converse Sneakers In Japan

Converse will launch two new Super Mario-themed sneakers for no less than ¥20,000 (roughly $200) in late August in Japan, with Bowser and Mario on them. The stars in Super Mario games match Converse's 'All Star' brand after all. » 7/08/14 7:45am 7/08/14 7:45am

I Should Have Saved My New Console Money For Megatron Shoes

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson Jr. is my favorite football player. Okay, he's the only football player I can name, and that's only because people call him Megatron. Now I love him even more, because he's the inspiration behind a $550 box set of three pairs of sneakers and a limited-edition Transformer. » 11/19/13 8:00pm 11/19/13 8:00pm

Kick Criminal Butt With These Custom Arkham City Sneaks

There aren't many custom Converse Chuck Taylors I'd wear, but if I were going to, I'd consider putting on these ones. The folks over at Comics Alliance hopped onto the Converse Design Your Own DC Comics Chuck Taylors and came up with their own custom Arkham City kicks. » 11/20/12 7:00pm 11/20/12 7:00pm

These Awesome Shoes Are What You Get When You Mix Glitter With Gaming

There have been a lot of very neat gaming shoes in the world before, but these ones are my new favorite. Not only because, as flats, they are something I could theoretically actually wear someday, but because they please my inner first-grader with their sparkles. » 8/20/12 7:30pm 8/20/12 7:30pm

You Won't Jump Over the Flagpole in These Awesome Mario Heels

Artist Jamie Ferraioli proves that stunning, feminine accessories are in no way at odds with nerd culture with her gorgeous, hand-painted shoes. » 3/12/12 8:30pm 3/12/12 8:30pm

Uncharted-Themed Shoes Can Guide You in Drake's Steps

Perhaps Nathan Drake should have written all his notes on his shoes. Surely, they'd be harder for nefarious baddies to steal repeatedly than journals are? » 2/28/12 8:30pm 2/28/12 8:30pm

Minecraft-Inspired Shoes to Help a PC That Went SSSSS-Bang [Update]

KyozoKicks, a custom shoe designer featured recently in Official PlayStation Magazine (and before on Kotaku), intended to wear these Creeper Vans to Gamescom this week. Instead, as his PC up and died, he'll be selling them to raise money toward a new one. » 8/20/11 2:00pm 8/20/11 2:00pm

Get A Good Look at Converse's Beautiful Super Mario Bros. Sneakers

You may have seen Converse's Super Mario Bros. 25th anniversary Chuck Taylors before (or maybe just its gorgeously designed shoebox), but here's a better, more detailed look at the Nintendo licensed sneakers we're currently drooling over. » 6/17/11 4:40pm 6/17/11 4:40pm

You'll Never Get Your Hands On These Killzone, PlayStation Move Nikes

Sorry, sneakerheads and Killzone fans, but these new ultra-limited edition kicks from the most recent Nike and PlayStation collaboration are for "friends and family" only, two more Sony commissioned sneakers that will likely become instant collector's items. » 11/23/10 5:30pm 11/23/10 5:30pm

NBA 2K11 Has A Shoe Fetish

For years, NBA 2K only featured a few pair of authentic Air Jordans in its equipment lineup. That changes with NBA 2K11, featuring His Airness in the game. Twenty-five models are available, and they carry attribute boosts. » 8/18/10 6:20pm 8/18/10 6:20pm

Madden: The Official Shoes Of The Game

The diagram of a successful touchdown play from the New Orleans Saints Super' Bowl XLIV victory is lasered into the heels of the "Madden 11 Air Trainer 1.2" by NIke, only 500 of which will be made available at retailers. » 8/11/10 10:30pm 8/11/10 10:30pm

NBA Live 10 DLC? It Must be the Shoes.

Do you know what's in the free DLC EA Sports just rolled for NBA Live 10? Do you know? Do you know? Do you know? About a zillion new varieties of Nike, adidas and Converse for your hoopsters' hooves » 12/18/09 10:40pm 12/18/09 10:40pm

Colorful Donkey Kong Kicks

As seen on gameSniped — and I'm so glad I spotted them because I really need to banish the image Owen evoked with the words "Donkey Kong's taint" this past weekend. » 11/23/09 9:20pm 11/23/09 9:20pm

Nike Thanks the PlayStation with 24 Pairs of Shoes

Nike sent a size 10 love note to Sony for past collaborations on console-themed kicks, but this series, based on the face buttons of a PlayStation controller, might be a little hard to find. Only 24 pairs will be made. » 9/16/09 7:20pm 9/16/09 7:20pm