Complete Street Fighter IV Character Roster Revealed?

An eagle-eyed Belgian gamer at the N.E.X.T. games expo took a pic of what is probably »11/10/08 6:00pm11/10/08 6:00pm the character select screen from Street Fighter IV's console version. Unless it isn't. Internets is internets, after all. Assuming it is legit though, there are at least 26 playable characters - all the usual gang of Blanka, Chun Li,…

Street Fighter IV Coming To US Consoles 'This Winter' Says Yoshi Ono

Street Fighter IV Arcade is like a bowl of cherries - only the bowl is only available in Japan and you have to pay $$$ to illegally import the cherries. Then you have to solder the cherries to, er, a different bowl and they may not work and, er, taste wrong. Look, just forget about the cherries! Soon, you will be able… »10/22/08 6:20pm10/22/08 6:20pm