Mojang's Scrolls Enters Open Beta on June 3rd, Has a Snazzy Trailer

Minecraft developer Mojang's card-game-slash-board-game-with-RPG-elements is finally seeing the light of day. It certainly took them long enough. In addition to giving us an impression of what the battling, trading, and collecting will look like, the trailer also has a launch date for the game's open beta: June 3rd. » 5/27/13 8:30am 5/27/13 8:30am

There Won't Ever be Another Mojang Game Called Scrolls

While Minecraft developers Mojang have put a legal dispute with Elder Scrolls publishers Bethesda (well, Bethesda's parent company Zenimax) to bed, the settlement has come at a slight cost: there won't ever be another Mojang game called Scrolls. » 3/13/12 12:30am 3/13/12 12:30am

Bastion, Skyrim, Portal 2 Lead Nominations for the 2012 Game…

The nominees for the 2012 Game Developers Choice awards have been announced. The awards, which will be held at March's Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, are one (if not the) most prestigious awards ceremonies in gaming. They occur the same night and location as the Independent Games Festival (IGF) awards. » 1/05/12 9:30pm 1/05/12 9:30pm

The Elder Scrolls VS. Mojang Scrolls Battle Goes to Court

In spite of lighthearted suggestions by Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson that their differences be settled as gamers, the battle between developer Mojang and The Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda is headed to the courtroom. » 9/27/11 12:20pm 9/27/11 12:20pm

Wait, What The Heck Are The Elder Scrolls?

With all the hullabaloo that's broken out over The Elder Scrolls creator Bethesda's legal threats against Minecraft creator Marcus Persson regarding the title of his upcoming game Scrolls, it's easy to overlook the fact that it's not entirely clear what The Elder Scrolls themselves really are. » 8/05/11 10:30pm 8/05/11 10:30pm