Mojang's Scrolls Enters Open Beta on June 3rd, Has a Snazzy Trailer

Minecraft developer Mojang's card-game-slash-board-game-with-RPG-elements is finally seeing the light of day. It certainly took them long enough. In addition to giving us an impression of what the battling, trading, and collecting will look like, the trailer also has a launch date for the game's open beta: June 3rd.



Greg the Mad

Is it me, or does the PC have with Scrolls, Heartstone and Grimrock the best tablet games?

I know that those games sometimes require the hovering of the mouse to show tooltips, but come-on! Those games are almost designed to be on tablets*!

*Which is why I'll try them on mine (Win8) once I have a bit more money.

PS: The game looks interesting in any case.