Scrolls Is Going Alpha Today. Here are the First Details.

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Scrolls, the upcoming game from Minecraft developer Mojang, is entering alpha today. Yes, that means that Mojang is sending out alpha codes for players; however, before it does, the studio gave a rundown of how the codes will be sent out and what the alpha includes.


According to Mojang, the alpha codes are being sent out via email. Those getting the codes will be randomly selected from the sign-up list. If you are not on this list, well, you must wait until the open beta as more folks will not be added to the alpha list.

Mojang pointed out that Scrolls is missing many features and content that are slated for the next several months. Moreover, the developer plans on changing many of the scrolls in the game. Things to keep in mind if you are in the alpha!

Here's the nitty-gritty about what the alpha consists of:

Deck Building
As you start the game, you will have a pre-constructed deck so if you wish, you can start playing right away. However, sooner or later you will probably like to explore the rest of the content in the game, and that's when you go to the Deck Builder.

The alpha account comes with a full set of scrolls. Meaning you will have 3 of each available scroll in the game. A deck must be at least 40 scrolls big, and you can have no more than 3 of each scroll in it. You can have as many decks as you like and you may use the same scrolls in different decks.

Although you will not be able to venture the world or go toe to toe against the powerful bosses that inhabits it, the alpha will allow you to test your strength against an AI opponent.
You will have the option of 3 difficulty settings, each of which has a number of different decks to play against.

In the Arena section, you can chat with other players as well as challenge them. You can also queue up for a multiplayer match against a random opponent. When playing a multiplayer match, there will be a round timer allowing the players no more then 90 seconds to make their move. It is advised to try out the tutorial and some single player matches before testing your skill against another player.

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Interesting. I immediately thought of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, but it sounds like this will have a lot more to it. Looking forward to the open beta. :)