Pretty Sure Someone's About To Get Whacked With A Dildo Bat In New Saints Row: The Third Screens

The third Saints Row video game clearly won't take itself too seriously, judging by newly released media from Saints Row: The Third. The evidence? Screen shots featuring streetwalkers in bikinis fleeing from exploding cop cars and luchadore mask-wearing thugs on the business end of a huge purple phallus. »3/28/11 10:00pm3/28/11 10:00pm

Saints Row 3 Coming, Will Take Series In A "New Direction"

In an interview with Play, Volition's Dan Sutton has announced that work on Saints Row 3 is already underway. And that maybe, just maybe, they're working up the gumption to shift the series away from its tacky reliance on "gangsta" and go for something a little different.
We’ve already started work on Saints Row 3,…
»10/27/08 11:40pm10/27/08 11:40pm