Saints Row 3DS Is Also An Xbox Live Arcade Game, Connects To Saints Row 3

The violent open-world action of Saints Row is something of a surprising addition to the Nintendo 3DS line-up. But there's a good reason—two of them actually—for Saints Row's appearance on Nintendo's new 3D game machine.

According to an interview with Danny Bilson of publisher THQ at IndustryGamers, Nintendo lobbied heavily to bring the mature content of Saints Row to the Nintendo 3DS in order "to launch with a very balanced portfolio."


That was a no-brainer for THQ, who was already developing the game—in 3D, no less—for Xbox Live Arcade. Bilson also says that the Nintendo 3DS version of the game will feature some sort of interaction with the forthcoming Saints Row 3, offering unlockable content between the two versions.

While it's obvious that THQ is going to be saturating us with Saints Row over the next couple years, the real winner is the consumer. Finally, we'll get a chance to spray people with liquid sewage in 3D. Welcome to the future!

Nintendo 'Really Wanted' Saints Row on 3DS, reveals THQ [IndustryGamers]

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