1 Vs. 100 The Victim of Mismanagement?

This morning's news that Microsoft was killing off their Xbox Live video game show 1 Vs. 100 didn't come as a surprise for a lot of people, including those working on the project. But what happened? » 7/15/10 2:00pm 7/15/10 2:00pm

Microsoft Shake-Up Tied To Xbox Timeline

The departure of two key men involved in the Xbox 360 from Microsoft won't cause major changes in the Xbox division, a source close to Microsoft told Kotaku today. But the timing of the next steps for the Xbox brand was a factor. » 5/25/10 4:00pm 5/25/10 4:00pm

Father of the Xbox, Head of Gadgets and Fun Leave Microsoft [Update]

Sources have confirmed to Kotaku that both Robbie Bach, the current head of all things entertainment for Microsoft, and J. Allard, one of the top men behind the Xbox and Xbox 360, are leaving Microsoft. » 5/25/10 11:40am 5/25/10 11:40am

Microsoft: Majority Of World's Publishers Working On Natal Games

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division (which includes the Xbox 360), has told the Financial Post that most of the world's publishers are at work on games for Project Natal, the 360's upcoming motion control peripheral. » 1/13/10 7:30am 1/13/10 7:30am

Microsoft To Announce "Xbox Game Room" At CES [Update]

Today's Microsoft CES keynote is likely to make mention of the arrival of the Xbox Game Room, a retro-themed game space, at least according to a video interview with Microsoft's Robbie Bach, president of the company's Entertainment and Devices Division. » 1/06/10 5:30pm 1/06/10 5:30pm

Details About Project Natal Pricing Emerge

At an Microsoft event today in New York City, exec Robbie Bach talked about how the pricing for the upcoming motion controls Project Natal will work. » 10/07/09 12:30am 10/07/09 12:30am

Robbie Bach: Next Xbox Still Quite A Ways Away

After the first-generation came and went in a relative blink of an eye, Microsoft's Robbie Bach says that the company isn't in quite as much of a hurry to upgrade the Xbox 360. » 1/12/09 1:20pm 1/12/09 1:20pm

Once Again, Microsoft Explains Why It Won't Go Blu-ray

Blu-ray won the format war. One HD game console (the PS3) already uses the format. The other one (the Xbox 360) doesn't. Microsoft says it plans to keep it that way. » 1/09/09 8:00am 1/09/09 8:00am

CES 09: Whoops! Halo Wars Release Date Still March 3

The exciting news that North American gamers will get Halo Wars a few days earlier than planned wasn't exactly news. It was a mistake. It's still landing on these shores March 3rd. » 1/08/09 3:40pm 1/08/09 3:40pm

Xbox Division Hasn't Seen Consumer Slowdown

While the U.S. economy currently resides in the toilet, Microsoft says consumer spending for its Xbox and Zune division is still going strong. According to Microsoft exec Robbie Bach:
We have not seen, on the consumer side of our business, a slowdown. » 9/11/08 12:00am 9/11/08 12:00am
Guess that explains those studio closings, huh. [Guardian via ]

Robbie Bach Talks Up Zune In Face Of Apple's Gaming Agenda

Did you know that Microsoft's president of entertainment and devices division Robbie Bach spoke at a press conference yesterday? No? You were busy following the Apple coverage, like we were? Well Bach isn't going to let the focus on Apple get him down. The Xbox 360 continues to see success, and the Zune...well,… » 9/10/08 12:40pm 9/10/08 12:40pm

Microsoft Quite Proud Of Xbox 360's Abusive Ownership Relationship

Xbox 360 owners are gluttons for punishment. Many of us have suffered through multiple red rings of death, shipping off coffin after coffin, twiddling our thumbs between repairs and refurbishes. Why? We're already invested in an extensive Xbox 360 games library and an Xbox Live subscription, something Robbie Bach says… » 6/13/08 8:40pm 6/13/08 8:40pm

Robbie Bach: PSP Is A "Cautionary Tale"

We've been a little down on Robbie Bach lately. Mostly because he - like many other former walking quote machines (Looking at you, Reggie) hasn't been talking nearly as much shit as we're accustomed to, and damnit, that's what we love to see in a corporate exec. But could he finally be inching his way out of his… » 6/13/08 3:00am 6/13/08 3:00am

Robbie Bach: Xbox Makes Money This Fiscal Year

"That's the first time we've been able to say that," Bach, chief of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, told the San Jose Mercury News." That's total Xbox business - service, software and hardware." » 6/07/08 5:00pm 6/07/08 5:00pm