Blizzard Boss Defends Former Diablo III Director: 'I was Ultimately Responsible for the Game'

Earlier this week, Jay Wilson, the director of Diablo III, said he was leaving the title while still remaining at its publisher, Blizzard. There was a lot of cheering in the game's official forums, because video games are not that different from sports, where fans openly root for people to lose their jobs after a… »1/20/13 3:00pm1/20/13 3:00pm

Blizzard: DRM For Diablo III? No, Thanks, We Have

Rob Pardo, executive vice president of game design at Blizzard says that the company has "no particular plans" to institute software verification checks for Diablo III »10/15/08 8:30pm10/15/08 8:30pm to prevent piracy. Pardo tells Wired's Game|Life blog that its solution is "more similar to Steam than EA," good news for fans who don't want a…

Yes, A Console Diablo III Is (Theoretically) Possible

Now that Blizzard has Activision, undisputed masters of *ahem* "getting the most out of a franchise", looking over their shoulders, would a console port of Diablo III really surprise you, were it to happen? OK, no, look. Calm down. I said were it to happen. Because while it's not confirmed, or even strongly hinted at,… »7/05/08 2:00am7/05/08 2:00am

World of Warcraft Was Originally Going To Be Ad Supported

Blizzard's senior VP of game design Rob Pardo revealed at the Paris Game Developers Conference that World of Warcraft was originally intended to be a free-to-play, advertising supported MMO. Pardo said, reacting to the impact of free MMOs in Asia on WoW's success, that "market conditions" forced them to realize that a… »6/24/08 6:40pm6/24/08 6:40pm