Yes, A Console Diablo III Is (Theoretically) Possible

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Now that Blizzard has Activision, undisputed masters of *ahem* "getting the most out of a franchise", looking over their shoulders, would a console port of Diablo III really surprise you, were it to happen? OK, no, look. Calm down. I said were it to happen. Because while it's not confirmed, or even strongly hinted at, it may happen. May. Because Blizzard's Rob pardo has said that it's a "theoretical possibility", and that "of our major franchises, [it's] the one that's most console friendly, for sure". Pretty sure he's talking about the 360 and PS3, there. Can't see Mii support and friend codes really fitting with the whole gates to hell thing.


Console Diablo "theoretically possible" [Eurogamer]



Christ. You guys are a bunch of haters aren't you? I have friends who simply do not have a gaming PC (IE, pre 2003 computers) and they used to be huge Diablo fans it'd be a great way for them to have access to it as long as Blizzard has enough oversight to do a great console port.

Sure, PC version will be the norm and I'll be getting it, but I see no reason to hate on a console port. Why the hell not?