Yeah, It's Probably Time to Put the Resistance Series to Bed

It just never really clicked, did it? Despite all the advertising and hype and expectations placed upon it, Sony's Resistance series has always just...been there. People like it, sure, but it's not exactly a blockbuster, certainly not to the level Sony were hoping/expecting when it debuted alongside the launch of the… »6/26/12 1:30am6/26/12 1:30am

Resistance 3’s Brutality DLC Brings Co-Op Survival and Heavy Metal Soundtrack by Mastodon to PS3 Today

Starting today, you'll be able to rampage your way through one of the PS3's best first-person shooters with a friend as Resistance 3 adds the all-new Brutality DLC pack. The add-on introduces a co-operative mode where two players face down wave after wave of Chimera aliens. »12/06/11 2:40pm12/06/11 2:40pm

Sony Says No Malware Involved in Attack on Resistance Forums

A Nov. 11 breach of Resistance's official web site, including its forums, did not serve malware to visitors as some had alleged, Sony told Kotaku on Friday. Sony confirmed that an intrusion did take place, resulting in's immediate closure. The site remains offline as Sony works to rebuild it and close… »12/02/11 11:30am12/02/11 11:30am