The Gaming Books You Must Read

This is embarrassing to admit, but I haven't read much in the way of nonfiction books about video games. Don't get me wrong: there's some incredible work out there. In general, however, I've found that digging around for more books very quickly slides into work that is prohibitively technical, academic, or both. » 4/16/14 12:15pm 4/16/14 12:15pm

You've Seen the Dead Island Trailer, Now Read the Book

Inspired by the award-winning CGI trailer that sort of vaguely touched on the actual gameplay of Techland's upcoming zombie survival game, UK author Mark Morris delivers his take on the tropical carnage with Dead Island: The Book. » 7/27/11 10:40am 7/27/11 10:40am

The Story of Rapture Begins Here

Andrew Ryan was a visionary, dreaming of a utopian society where great men and women could live free of the rules and the government keeping them from realizing their true potential. His story begins in BioShock: Rapture, available today in bookstores everywhere. » 7/19/11 3:20pm 7/19/11 3:20pm

Before Playing Gotham City Impostors Read Batman: Impostors

Want to get more out of Monolith Productions upcoming downloadable multiplayer game Gotham City Impostors? Then you'll want to read Batman: Impostors, an epic four-issue story arc that first appeared in Detective Comics last year. » 5/16/11 5:20pm 5/16/11 5:20pm

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Curls Up With A Good Book

Fans looking to delve deeper into the cyberpunk dystopia of the Deus Ex series need look no further than Deus Ex: The Icarus Effect, a novel coming next year from Del Rey and tie-in author supreme James Swallow. » 7/12/10 3:20pm 7/12/10 3:20pm

How To Be A World Of Warcraft Guild Leader, Now In Convenient Book Form

If leading a large World of Warcraft guild seems like a fun way to spend your free time, then you should probably check out Scott F. Andrews' The Guild Leader's Handbook to see the hellish task it really is. » 5/08/10 2:00pm 5/08/10 2:00pm

Another Dead Space Prequel, Only This One You Read

Acclaimed writer B. K. Evenson delves into the history of the Church of Unitology and the origin of the mysterious "Black Marker" in Dead Space: Martyr, a prequel to Visceral Games' sci-fi horror spectacular. » 4/13/10 1:20pm 4/13/10 1:20pm

Sociologist Spends 2,300 Hours Seeking Civilization In World Of Warcraft

Sociologist and director of Human-Centered Computing at the National Science Foundation, William Sims Bainbridge spent 2300 hours entrenched in popular MMO World of Warcraft, looking for look for insights about Western civilization. What did he find there? » 3/30/10 1:20pm 3/30/10 1:20pm

The Harvard Lampoon Skewers Twilight, Sega

In The Harvard Lampoon's literary parody Nightlight, potential vampire Edwart Mullen warns the naive Belle Goose that he won't always be around to protect her from Sega. » 1/07/10 12:20pm 1/07/10 12:20pm

"Must-have" Guinness Gamer's Edition 2010 Coming In January

Apparently the 2010 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition is "a must-have for fans of gaming," according to some gaming blog. » 12/07/09 10:20am 12/07/09 10:20am

Forged By Chaos Explores The Darker Side Of Warhammer Online

Because there are two sides to every conflict, Mythic and Games Workshop publishing arm The Black Library have released Forged By Chaos, a novel that explores the fragile, deadly alliance of the forces of Destruction. » 12/03/09 12:20pm 12/03/09 12:20pm

Who's Who In Halo: Evolutions

Tor Books has released a list of the authors contributing to the Halo: Evolutions anthology novel, along with the cover art, featuring everyone's favorite green suit of armor with a guy inside it. » 10/27/09 12:40pm 10/27/09 12:40pm

Elder Scrolls Novel Potentially Confirms Elder Scrolls V

Author Greg Keyes is better known to me by his Star Wars Expanded Universe contributions, but as the writer on The Elder Scrolls: Infernal City, he's been promoted to "potential Bethesda informant." » 10/23/09 9:30pm 10/23/09 9:30pm

The Elder Scrolls In Convenient Novel Form

The land of Tamriel is terrorized by a floating city that first kills and then raises the dead in The Infernal City, the first of two Elder Scrolls novels by bestselling author Greg Keyes. » 10/13/09 5:20pm 10/13/09 5:20pm

Dragon Age Novel Saga Continues

The epic tale that began in The Stolen Throne continues in October as Tor Books releases Dragon Age: The Calling, further expanding the Dragon Age fiction beyond the video game. » 9/15/09 10:40am 9/15/09 10:40am

Kotaku's 2009 Summer Reading List

Summertime is here, and it's time to hit the beach, splash in the waves, and bask in the sun with a little ultra-portable gaming, courtesy of Kotaku's 2009 Summer Reading List. » 7/01/09 2:30pm 7/01/09 2:30pm

Gears Of War 2 Continues In Jacinto's Remnant

New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss picks up the story of Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago where Gears of War 2 left off, with next month's release of Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant. » 6/30/09 10:40am 6/30/09 10:40am

Metal Gear Solid 2 Novel Due In November

The official novelization of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is due out in November, raising the question of how many different ways there are to say "hiding his crotch with his hands". » 4/15/09 1:20pm 4/15/09 1:20pm

Greg Bear Penning Halo Forerunner Trilogy

Noted science fiction author Greg Bear takes a stab at the earliest days of the Halo universe with The Forerunner Trilogy, traveling 100,000 years into the series' past. » 4/06/09 1:20pm 4/06/09 1:20pm