Because there are two sides to every conflict, Mythic and Games Workshop publishing arm The Black Library have released Forged By Chaos, a novel that explores the fragile, deadly alliance of the forces of Destruction.

In Forged By Chaos, the third novel based on Warhammer Online, author C.L. Werner takes on Dark Elves. Greenskins, and the forces of Chaos as they explore the Bastion Stair in search of the Spear of Myrmidia, a relic that could ensure their victory over the Empire of Man.


"FORGED BY CHAOS provides readers with a horrific look into the warped minds of the soldiers of Destruction – the megalomania of the Dark Elves, the destructive single-mindedness of the Greenskins, and the unholy obsessions of Chaos", said Jeff Hickman, Studio Executive Producer for Mythic Entertainment. "C.L. Werner provides a never-before-seen look at a single side of the Realm vs. Realm conflict, and shows just how fragile, and deadly, this alliance of dark powers can be."

I've always been a huge fan of fantasy novels from the bad guys' point-of-view, at least when they don't simply portray the villains as uglier heroes. Hopefully Werner gets it right! Forged By Chaos is now available at fine booksellers everywhere.

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