The Zombie Game That Gets Halloween Just Right

For such a fun holiday, video games have a lot of trouble doing Halloween justice. Sure there are exceptions—Destiny just did a pretty good job, and Costume Quest is fun—but for the most part it’s a time of year that games struggle to really celebrate. Unless, like right now, we’re talking about Undead Nightmare, the… »10/30/15 6:00pm10/30/15 6:00pm


This Week The Internet Went Crazy Over These Glitchy And Artistic GIFs

The reveal of the Xbox One might have overshadowed content on the Internet this week, but that certainly wasn't the case for the craftiest of internet denizens who convert anything worthy into an animated GIF. Whether it's some sort of a video game glitch, like giant Spock's terrifying stare above, or a nice form of… »5/24/13 6:30pm5/24/13 6:30pm