GameStop Apologizes for Deus Ex Coupon Removal With $50 Gift Cards

Hoping to assuage customers angry over having their games opened and rifled through prior to purchase, GameStop is offering everyone that purchased the regular edition of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PC a $50 gift card and a Buy Two, Get One Free used game purchase, according to a leaked memo. All better now? » 8/26/11 3:55pm 8/26/11 3:55pm

Wii Rage Guitar Recalled Due To Chemical Burnination

The Rage Wireless Guitar Controller for the Wii is being recalled after a fault left one gamer injured. Performance Designed Products Inc has issued a recall notice for 57,000 of the Guitar Hero controllers. A manufacturing fault means that improperly installed batteries can leak. PDP have been informed that one gamer… » 10/22/08 7:20pm 10/22/08 7:20pm