Here's How One PC Maker is Dealing With Intel's Recall

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This morning Intel announced they found an issue with the 6 Series chipset and that they've stopped shipping them from their factory. They're also recalling some. Here's how one boutique PC builder is dealing with the issue.


This afternoon I received a notice from Origin PC saying the computer I was having them build, which uses the impacted chipset, was part of the recall and freeze. The PC builder, in contact with Intel, estimates a four to six week delay on the chip fix.

Here are the four options I, and customers in similar situations, was given:

1. We can wait for the resolution to become available. We are continuing to work closely with Intel. No resolution has been made available as of yet, but one is expected within the next 4-6 weeks. Once done, we will build it into your system and ship it out.

2. We can ship your system as is. As it stands, your system will work without any issues. Once we have the solution, we will contact you again and arrange whatever is needed to resolve the issue for you. Please note that this will not cost you anything. Any and all labor, part replacement and shipping will be covered by ORIGIN for you.

3. We can add a SATA II Multi-port PCI card to your system. This card will replace the SATA ports on your chipset and resolve any possible long term issues. There will be no charge for this upgrade. ORIGIN will take care of that for you.


4. We change your order to another chipset of your choice. Just contact us and we will be happy to update your order details. Once done, we will move forward with your system.

Which would you do?

For those of you following my PC ordering journey, Origin PC offers computers with Intel X58, P67 and AMD Phenom II chipsets.



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