PC Case That Could Burst Into Flames Officially Recalled

Gif: Mark’s Tech

As we reported earlier this month, NZXT’s (admittedly lovely) H1 case had an issue where at a certain point it could literally burst into flames. The company reluctantly apologised, but that process has now progressed into a full “recall” for over 30,000 of the cases.


The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a full recall notice last week, which despite the name doesn’t actually involve sending the cases back. Instead, their advice is to “stop using the case”—easier said than done if it’s your PC—and get a repair kit from NZXT, which includes a set of nylon screws that won’t start a fire.

The notice affects “about 32,000" cases sold in the US, though the USCPSC notes, “about 1,024 were sold in Canada,” as well.

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Luke, this is not true.

NZXT is being forced to recall every single H1 and is not allowed to use the nylon screw ‘repair’ kit because IT DOESN’T FIX THE PROBLEM. Go watch Gamers Nexus’ video series on it. 

The H1 is an EXTREMELY dangerous fire hazard, NZXT lied to customers and consumers either deliberately or by omission, and is now being forced to replace the entire riser assembly because that is the only way to make it safe.