Sony Didn't Drop the Price of the PS3 So As Not To Upset You

Usually, when a new form factor existing video game hardware debuts, there's a corresponding change in the asking price. But the upcoming re-design of the PlayStation 3 seem to buck that trend, with the 250 GB bundle announced this week set to go for $270. Prices on older models—a 160 GB version starts at $250 and a… » 9/20/12 9:30pm 9/20/12 9:30pm

PS3 Error: 8001050F Caused By Clock Bug, Fix Within 24 Hours [UPDATE]

Sony hopes to fix the PlayStation 3-stalling 8001050F error in a day. But, if you have a fat PS3, do not use it for 24 hours. The news came in Sony's first comprehensive statement about the error plaguing PS3s worldwide. » 3/01/10 12:13pm 3/01/10 12:13pm