The PS3 Slim Goes Portable

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The PS3 Slim isn't just slim, it's also lighter than the previous model of the console. Which means it's slightly easier to take the thing on the road. Hence this portable gaming rig.


Built by Japanese peripheral specialists Hori, it's an LCD screen that attaches to the top of the console, and is able to display games in high definition (720p).

Sounds slightly stupid, but then, it doesn't just give you a portable PS3, it gives you a portable Blu-Ray player as well (and, for the Japanese, it's even compatible with the torne digital TV peripheral). One that can display stuff in HD, for those times you're stuck at Gran's house on her old 28" SDTV.

It'll go on sale May 27 in Japan, for USD$275.


I really don't wanna know what kind of battery it'd take to get a decent playtime on that thing.