GLaDOS Actress and a Portal Gun Help Guy Adorably Propose to Boyfriend

People propose at fan conventions like PAX, Comic-Con or GenCon all the time. And, yes, many of these declarations of love involve costumes. But a very select few—maybe only one?— have the fan-favorite actress who gives voice to Portal series antagonist GLaDOS singing “Still Alive” along with a banjo. The cuteness… » 8/05/13 12:30pm 8/05/13 12:30pm

Let's Look at the Big Name Titles Playable on Oculus Rift

A month or so back, I got to spend an hour with the Oculus Rift VR headset—most of which I spent swooning over Portal 2. Ever since that time I've been dying to get the Rift wrapped around my head for a larger chunk of time. And when that dream turns to reality, the question becomes—what game do I play? » 7/30/13 7:00am 7/30/13 7:00am

Portal 2’s PS3 Version Gets New, Free Co-Op DLC Today

A while back, Sixense Studios delivered the InMotion DLC—which consisted of a bunch of new levels optimized for for the system’s Move controller—to the PS3 version of Portal 2. Now, that version of Valve’s hit sequel will be getting new co-op content, rolling out to today as a free update. » 6/06/13 2:30pm 6/06/13 2:30pm