Two Similar Franchises Become Even More Similar With Simultaneously Announced "Charge" Weapons

Monster Hunter »12/13/12 7:30am12/13/12 7:30am, the franchise that breathed life into the PSP, and arguably one of the biggest reasons that the . In the latest incarnation of the series, players will be able to wield not just one, but two new weapons with which to combat giant predators: The , and now, announced on the , the .

Hatsune Miku Boosts Vita Sales, But She May Not Be Back For An Encore

It's no secret that the PS Vita has been struggling. Numbers have consistently shown the portable console to be underselling its predecessor, the PSP, on an almost weekly basis. As has been pointed out in the past »9/06/12 8:00am9/06/12 8:00am, the key to a hit console is to have hit games, and just as if to drive point home, one came out just…