Sony & Konami Both File "Arc" Trademarks, New Gradius Coming?

A new trademark from PlayStation 3 maker Sony lends more credibility to the rumor that its forthcoming motion controller—still officially the PlayStation Motion Controller—will be called Arc. Konami's new Gradius Arc trademark, however, is something else. » 3/02/10 5:40pm 3/02/10 5:40pm

THQ CEO Names Sony's Motion Controller As "Arc"

Get used to referring to Sony's forthcoming motion controller for the PlayStation 3 as Arc. That's how THQ president and CEO Brian Farrell referred to the still unofficially named, PlayStation Eye-powered controller, previously known as "Gem," in today's investor call. » 2/03/10 5:30pm 2/03/10 5:30pm

Ubisoft Plans 10 Games For Natal Next Year, 4-5 For PS3 Motion…

French publisher Ubisoft, no stranger to waggle, is getting behind Microsoft's Project Natal in a major way, with "around 10 games" planned for the Xbox 360's hands-free motion controller. And it has similar designs on PlayStation 3 motion controller support. » 11/30/09 4:40pm 11/30/09 4:40pm