The First-Person Shooter That Has Brazil's eSports Scene All Excited

This past weekend Red Bull hosted another StarCraft II tournament, which they call the Training Grounds, and featured some of the best players from around the world. There was also a surprise coming out of Brazil with the Brazil Gaming League Arena which saw some fierce competition in the free-to-play first person… »7/29/13 6:45pm7/29/13 6:45pm

Planetside 2's Art Director and Creative Director Are Answering Your Questions Live [Interview Closed]

Planetside 2 »11/28/12 2:45pm11/28/12 2:45pm launched just last week. Have you guys picked up the yet? What do you think so far? Or maybe you haven't picked it up yet. Or, if you're like our own Luke Plunkett, maybe you've had trouble getting into the game. Maybe you have a few questions for the MMOFPS's senior art director, Tramell Isaac, and…

It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Make This Brand-New Planetside 2 Case Look So Very Old

Sony's upcoming »11/07/12 3:30pm11/07/12 3:30pm massively multiplayer first person shooter doesn't launch until November 20. But the custom New Conglomerate-themed PC that MNPtech SOE creative designer Matt Higby is ready right on time. The case on its own is pretty spectacular, but the galleries showing how much work it took to make something…

The Never-Ending Battle of PlanetSide 2 Becomes Three Minutes of Stunning CGI

Premiering live today at the 2012 China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, PlanetSide 2's 'Death is No Excuse' CGI trailer takes the spirit of Sony Online Entertainment's upcoming massively multiplayer online first-person shooter and dresses it up in a fancy coat of blood-splattered CGI. If only the game were… »7/25/12 10:00pm7/25/12 10:00pm

You Will Be Excited About PlanetSide 2, Even if it Takes an Entire Seven Minute Explainer Video

Why do I want more PC gamers to get excited upcoming massively-multiplayer first-person shooter PlanetSide 2 »6/27/12 4:00pm6/27/12 4:00pm? Am I a masochist? Am I in the pocket of Sony Online Entertainment, bribed by all of that cash they made on ? No, the answer is much simpler than that: I want to kill you all.

Planetside 2 Keeping Friendly Fire, Adding Offline Skill Training

Planetside 2, the massively multiplayer first-person shooter with persistent warfare between three competing factions, is shaping up to be a pleasantly hardcore experience, if a presentation by the team is anything to go by. spoke to Sony Online Entertainment's John Smedley and Matt Higby, who described … »8/15/11 2:00pm8/15/11 2:00pm