Torrents are suddenly allowed in Steam chat again.

Torrents are suddenly allowed in Steam chat again. No disappearing messages, no block pages. At worst, you'll get a warning that you're venturing beyond Steam's gilded grayblue cage. Valve has not explained why they made this sudden about-face after their recent spat of arbitrary blocks. Welp. As you were, then. »2/17/15 3:21pm2/17/15 3:21pm

Steam Chat's Torrent Blocking Is Entirely Arbitrary

This is curious. Recently Steam users (myself included, after a few tests) discovered that certain torrent links no longer work in Steam chat. Some have even reported messages disappearing altogether. Here's the thing, though: it only applies to some popular torrent sites, but not others like The Pirate Bay. »2/16/15 7:24pm2/16/15 7:24pm

Iraqi Bootleg Game Covers Are The Best Kind Of Ridiculous

While piracy is the pits, you gotta love bootleg covers: they mash up all sorts of things that either make no sense, or somehow make the source material even funnier. In some cases, they even make you wish the game advertised on the cover officially actually existed, instead of whatever pirated game is actually in… »4/11/14 5:30pm4/11/14 5:30pm