Nintendo Suing Another ROM Site Into Oblivion

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Nintendo filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against the site RomUniverse, looking for millions of dollars after accusing the site of “brazen and mass scale infringement.

Sometimes, when Nintendo sets its lawyers on a site, it can be contentious, because the targets are small fan-run operations hosting retro releases that it can be argued are doing a better job of game conservation than major publishers, as was the case last year with EmuParadise.

And sometimes, as in RomUniverse’s case, a site is simply listing Nintendo Switch roms right out in the open.

Illustration for article titled Nintendo Suing Another ROM Site Into Oblivion

As Polygon reports, not only is RomUniverse hosting pirated copies of current releases, but the site is charging $30 memberships granting faster access to these files.

Nintendo is asking for “$150,000 for each copyright infringement, and up to $2 million for each trademark infringement. RomUniverse is advertising that it has 60,000 roms available for download, so that’s going to add up to quite a lot.

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Good. The term “preservation” is just a polite way of saying you are stealing and redistributing intellectual property illegally. You can hide behind that word all you like, you are still a damned thief. And no, the delusion that if you own it then it is legal is entirely false.

Doubly good to see sites like this being targeted for monopolizing on said theft. Nintendo, and others, should get all of them shut down.