A Second Helping Of Phantasy Star Portable Headed Stateside

Sega's blogs are buzzing with the news that Phantasy Star Portable 2 is heading to North America this fall, with twice the content of the previous games giving players plenty to poke at on their PlayStation Portables. » 5/21/10 12:20pm 5/21/10 12:20pm

NSFW: Phantasy Star Portable 2 Character Designs Are "Detailed"

When a bunch of Phantasy Star Portable 2 panty shots appeared online, I thought, surely the game developers don't design the characters down to their underwear. Turns out I was wrong. » 2/10/10 1:00am 2/10/10 1:00am

Reports: Valkyria Chronicles 2 Demo Hits Japan Next Week

The PSP Go is getting off to a demo-filled start in Japan this weekend with a bunch of new demos and games lined up for launch. Guess which one's got me jealous of Japan? » 10/29/09 8:00am 10/29/09 8:00am

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Demo In Beta Form

In December, Phantasy Star Portable 2, with its online co-op play, is going on sale in Japan. A playable demo version of it will be given away by random drawing — make that, 20,000 versions of this. » 10/27/09 12:00am 10/27/09 12:00am

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Coming This Winter

Phantasy Star Portable was a big hit and one of the biggest selling PSP games in Japan last year. So what do you think of the chances for a sequel? » 8/03/09 4:00am 8/03/09 4:00am